Monday, April 11, 2005


Pleased To Meet Me?

Well, I suppose the best way to start is to tell you a little bit about me -- at least the stuff that is too lengthy to fit into the "About Me" section to the left.

Basics: Born in
Trinidad, moved to the UK at the tender age of one. Moved to the US at the age of eight -- to the greatest city in the world, New York (yeah, some would disagree. They would be wrong.)

Due to varied familial preferences and strife, in short order, I moved to Connecticut (Bridgeport -- before the bankruptcy), California (Sacramento), back to New York (Port Chester in Westchester County), then off to Annapolis, MD, where I attended
St. John's College.

I've worked at various book stores in the MD/DC area; the Republican National Committee (twice); the U.S. House of Representatives (Michael Huffington &
Newt Gingrich); and my current employer, the New York Post, where I am an editorial writer. From 2001-2004, I was a frequent political commentator for CNN. I am a once-and-future DJ, having played at several DC-area bars and clubs and performed at least a dozen weddings.

I can also be found doing
improv and stand-up comedy in New York area venues.

I have contributed to
National Review Online, Reason & Salon, as well as a mildly notorious article last year in The New Republic, which has been reprinted here.

Given that background, figure that there will be a fair bit of discussion of politics here, but also topics such as sports, music, comic books and whatever else might strike my fancy on a given day. You might also find me occasionally posting

Oh yeah, a fair warning: I love
puns -- the worse, the better.

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