Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Mississippi Madness

Now that the celebrity culture has expended so much energy on a guy who -- redemptive acts aside -- was pretty much guilty of four murders (plus an unknown many more via the gang, the Crips, he founded), will any of them focus on someone who's guilty only of protecting his home and baby daughter?

Radley Balko has the outrageous details of the
Cory Maye story.

Hat tip:
John Cole. A Kos diarist has more.

And lest anyone think that these "wrong address" drug raids are once-in-a-blue-moon rarities, take note of the tragedy that occurred in Harlem just
a couple of years ago. A person ended up dead. It wasn't a police officer; it was a 57 year- old grandmother who went into cardiac arrest after the cops tossed a flash grenade into her apartment (wrongly-identified by an informant as the site of a narcotics ring).

This is a case where anti-death penalty and legal reform types on the left and pro-Second Amendment/civil libertarian groups on the right should be forming a coalition to step forward for Mr. Maye.

UPDATE: Balko is just about all-Maye-all-the-time. Check his blog frequently.

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