Monday, April 09, 2007


RAG Gets Results

Of course, this site takes full credit for MSNBC's decision to suspend the Imus simulcast, which we called for over the weekend.


No, we don't take credit for it. In fact, I thought Imus was too much of a money-maker for the cable station to blink. Apparently that is more true on the radio side of things, given that CBS is sticking with him. However, the continued likelihood of visuals of Imus with NBC's journalistic superstars probably created too much heat for MSNBC to take. They figure that two weeks from now, hardly anyone will remember this.

In the meantime, Imus managed, I'm sure, to boost Al Sharpton's ratings, a fact that proves God (or Someone) does have a sense of humor (in the sense that the pair make an ideal couple).

Finally, speaking of visuals, given Imus' hair issues, isn't he, like, the last person who should be calling anybody a "nappyheaded ho"?

Well, CBS Radio announced later Monday that it would also suspend Imus -- beginning April 16th. Huh? That sounds weird: "We're punishing you, but we're waiting until NEXT week?" I dunno. That sounds more like a vacation to me.

As the saying goes, quite appropos here: Stay tuned -- or not, as the case may be.

UPDATE II: New York's NBC station, Channel 4 got Al Roker on tape Monday evening saying that, "Imus has played with fire on this for a while. Eventually, you're going to get burned." As one of the mainstays on NBC's "The Today Show", Roker carries a lot of weight (no pun intended). If he sends a signal that Imus has worn out his welcome, this story could go further than anyone might anticipate. The Rutgers players and their coach have scheduled a press conference Tuesday.

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