Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Casey At The Bat

Speaking of radio...

Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, talk show hosts Casey Lartigue and Eliot Morgan get bounced off their black-oriented public affairs satellite radio show for
exposing "Memorandum 46", a fake document that has become an accepted "truth" for conspiracy theorists in black America.

It's a great story, but a sad one too -- for Casey and Eliot, obviously, but for the many black Americans that seem to desperately want to believe that they are the victims of multiple conspiracies.

I would say that Lartique and Morgan might have been better received if they conceded the extent to which many black urban legends have, ahem, "roots" in some true despicable historical events.

The AIDS myth, for example, echoes back to the syphilis experimentation on black men at Tuskegee University.

Those historical events certainly don't excuse the visceral rejection of any and all evidence that undermines the urban legends -- or demonizing those who would try to bring some light to history.

Casey's blog has more info on Memorandum 46 and the controversy.

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