Thursday, July 17, 2008


Nancy Stew

Ooookay, without trying to sound like an apologist for the president, I just have to ask this question: If President Bush is, indeed, a "total failure" with a 29 percent approval rating, how is it that the Democratic Congress still manages to give him everything he demands?

War funding?

Eavesdropping authority?

(With the Democratic presidential nominee going along with the vote?
Check, check!!)

And, oh yeah, the public agrees with Bush (rather than the Congress) on
offshore drilling.

The man may not be popular, but he still seems to be "successful" in terms of getting his priorities through a hostile Congress -- while pretty much stifling theirs, except for a water bill and nominal Medicare spending bill (to the extent Medicare can ever be considered "nominal").

Maybe Madame Speaker should think a bit more carefully before tossing around phrases like "total failure."

After all, no one's perfect.

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