Thursday, September 23, 2010


Not So Dandy Andy?

Today's polling numbers for Andrew Cuomo in New York's gubernatorial race are somewhat better than yesterday's.  

Siena has Cuomo leading outspoken GOP challenger Carl Paladino 57-24. Yesterday's Quinnipiac survey had a shocking narrow six-point margin between Cuomo and Paladino in ultra-blue New York state. 
Earlier Rasmussen had an 18-point spread. Obviously, with numbers that far apart, it's safe to say that race is probably in the middle -- which is to say a Cuomo lead of around 10 points.  For most races, that shouldn't be panic time. But, given, again how much New York is pretty rock-solid Democratic and Paladino is somewhat, shall we say, "controversial," the fact Cuomo isn't unequivocally far ahead is surprising.  

Except, as The Post notes in today's editorial, Cuomo has been around New York politics for so long that he's seen as an incumbent in the most viscerally anti-incumbent/anti-insider mood in decades. So, how does Cuomo set himself apart? Good question. 

Here's a suggestion on not what to do:  When your opponent questions your cojones for cruising on your dad's name and not standing up for yourself, perhaps the best response isn't to -- run to get the endorsement of the billionaire mayor of New York.  Just saying.  

That's OK politics if you're leading by 33 points. Not so good if the margin's only six.  


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