Monday, October 18, 2010


Harry Wilson's Triple Play

In a rather unusual occurrence, all three major New York City papers endorse a Republican for statewide office:  Harry Wilson for Comptroller.  Maybe not surprisingly, my home ship, chimed in for Wilson nearly three weeks ago, noting his sterling qualifications given his financial background (and bipartisan enough to be part of Steven Rattner's auto-bailout task force).  Then, this weekend, both the Daily News and The New York Times jumped aboard the Wilson bandwagon, both recognizing that he's the better choice to provide a true check on a likely Democratic administration (the Post endorsed Andrew Cuomo for governor today as well).  

Given the Paladino implosion, the odds against Wilson (and GOP attorney general candidate Dan Donovan) are pretty high.  However, this unusual newspaper convergence could definitely move some votes. For example, it was an otherwise strongly partisan Democrat who tipped me off to Wilson more than a year ago.  There's no question in my mind that she's going to be voting for Democrats almost across the board next month. But Wilson's got both her respect and her vote.  The Times' endorsement could be strong enough to put the thought into the minds of reform-minded liberals to support Wilson.  

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