Friday, December 17, 2010


Free Speech's Enemies

Courtesy of Reason.TV, a number of broad-minded folks (including at least one recognizable fellow) ponder the various threats to free speech:

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Cliff Lee-Bron James

So, the sports superstar spurns many offers for more money -- including one from the endorsement-friendly New York market. He decides to leave well over $30 million on the table.  Instead of the bucks, he prefers to "take his talents" to a team that won one championship fairly recently and with other superstars on the team, looks truly formidable for several years to come.

In the end, pitcher Cliff Lee's "decision" to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies looks a fair bit like fellow Cleveland ex-pat LeBron James' decamping to the Miami Heat -- minus the ESPN-delivered docu-drama (thus sparing Lee the hatred of millions of baseball fans). 

Still there's a possible bright side for New York fans -- even given the Red Sox's powering up with Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford (though, maybe not for you Mets partisans, Lee's returning to the NL East).   

The long-beleagured New York Knicks seem to be doing OK without LeBron.  In fact, amazingly, the Knicks have put together their most competitive team in a decade, are only one and a half games behind the Heat, with an eight-game winning streak (including seven in a row on the road).  Yeah, it's early (only a quarter of the season out of way), but Am'are Stoudamire has almost singlehandedly revitalized a franchise essentially dead for nearly a decade.  In other words, in a far worse position than the Yankees currently find themselves (one year removed from a World Series championship -- over the Cliff Lee-led Phillies)are.  

So, Cliff Lee ain't coming to New York. That's fine. This great city ain't for everybody.  Somehow, the Yankees will survive (Crawford going to the Sox, actually makes things easier for New York and Boston, with Tampa Bay becoming less of a threat in the AL East).  

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