Friday, December 31, 2010


The End...

Nope. not of this blog, though it's fair if some of you might have thought that was coming given my limited output over the last few months. Candidly, this was probably the most personally and professionally frustrating year I've had in a while. While I don't feel the need to share reasons for this situation, safe to say the inspiration and impetus to share my usual witty and trenchant opinions on various political, cultural and other topics was sorely lacking for large parts of the last twelve months.   

And so, we happily greet the end of 2010.  At the moment, I can't say that I've completely regained my mojo. However, the rolling over of the calendar from December to January, at least provides a psychological (if, admittedly, superficial) shift into the realm of the optimistic "new."  

And so, farewell to this particular annus horribilis (in the famous words of Queen Elizabeth a decade or so back)! 

May all of you have a safe celebratory occasion this evening and a Happy New Year!! 

Welcome, 2011.


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