Wednesday, July 25, 2012


RAG @ WSJ on Gun Control

Jason Riley and I at our weekly chat -- this week on the issue of gun control post-Colorado-theatre shooting. I reveal my wobbly tendencies on the issue by asking the question of whether someone buying 6,000 rounds of ammunition may be an important fact that conservatives should seriously take into consideration in this debate.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Drinking While Thinking?

The Daily, the tablet-focused "newspaper" for which I have contributed a few pieces this year (here, here, and here), is continuing to expand the idea of what "publishing" is in the digital age. To that end, please check out the debut edition of Think Tanked. The idea is that The McLaughlin Group/Sunday talk-show format is basically played out.Instead, let's try and talk some of the political issues of the day in a slightly more relaxed environment. 

Oh, and make sure the drinks keep flowing! I want to say that I was totally ahead of the curve on this one. I first did a political commentary segment in a bar back in 2000 for CNN.  It was connected to the old show with Bill Press and Tucker Carlson called "Spin Room."  I was featured hanging out in a restaurant/bar down in Noho/Soho talking about whatever. I even received the title "tavern correspondent"! While video of those days seem to have been lost to history, transcripts can be Googled and there's at least one "review" of our efforts around. 

Anyway, the production values on Think Tanked are certainly up there with whatever you're used to seeing on cable TV and the cast are all real cool: Dee Dee Benkie, who I've known in GOP politics for sometime (even though we both look as young and glamorous as ever -- and who knew that Dee Dee had such a mouth on her!); Gavin McInnes, founder of Vice magazine; the lovely and very comic Erica Ash -- and serving as our bartender, the most-interesting-man-in-the-world/writer-about-town Justin Rocket Silverman!

Major fun time. Hope we get to do it again! (I must underscore, however, that despite the copious flowing spirits, I maintained the Albert Collins credo).

Without further ado, Think Tanked:

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