Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The Biggest D'Loser...

Dinesh D'Souza pled guilty today to making illegal contributions to Wendy Long's US Senate campaign two years ago. D'Souza, who's made quite a fair bit of bank in the last several years by climbing aboard the anti-Obama crazy train, claimed that he was the victim of selective prosecution because he was an opponent of the president. 

That's a little difficult to prove in this case because the prosecutor, US Attorney for New York's Southern District, Preet Bharara has made anti-corruption -- both official and political -- a huge part of his portfolio.  His list of scalps include a host of big-name Democrats and Republican politicians. He's even investigating Gov. Andrew Cuomo's own anti-corruption board -- for possibly being too close to the governor! 

Regardless, a judge last week rejected D'Souza's request to dismiss the charges.

My sympathy level for D'Souza is zero.

For conservatives who want to paint him as a martyr to anti-Obama activity, save your sympathy for far worthier individuals.  As I wrote a few years back, D'Souza is an individual of dubious intellectual and ethical integrity. The latest development just shows that you can only run a con for so long before your deeds end up coming back to bite you on the ass.  I just hope that some future conservative publisher, producer, think tank, academic outlet, etc. doesn't get taken in by D'Souza's smooth bull, only to be embarassed by his subsequent antics -- as so many others have previously.

UPDATE:  Rod Dreher dismisses the whole "selective prosecution" defense too -- including the political one conservatives have mounted for D'Souza.


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