Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Learning Lessons...

OK, so satire doesn't always work.

For those who misunderstood the point of my previous post (or failed to click on the link at the end), please understand that the "Love that dare not..." Referred to Boston Red Sox fans not gays. If you understand that conceit and read through it, with any luck you'll see I used the Massachusetts connection to make a parodical post portraying something that New Yorkers have noticed over the last few months: Boston fans "coming out of the closet" and proudly wearing their Red Sox attire in the middle of New York. "Victory" refers to the World Series, not the marriage case; "rings" refer to WS rings, not wedding rings...

For future reference, please be aware that in addition to coming across overt puns, readers of this blog might also be introduced to slightly more subtler forms of humor (as well as posts that are straightforward -- no pun intended -- and quite serious. Some may combine attitudes. With any luck, eventual long-time readers will be able to figure out my style at a given moment.

In brief, no offense meant to anyone (except Boston fans)!

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