Monday, April 18, 2005


A Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name -- Or Shut Up

For many years -- in fact, for most of our normal, natural lives, everyone knew that those people were around. As a child, you might notice one, but Mom or Dad would tell you that it was rude to point. Your folks would be tolerant and tell you that some people were different and you should let them live their own lives. But, it was always with a suggestion that that particular lifestyle was not something of which they approved or wanted in their home. A brief, youthful, experimentation might get you a whipping which you would never forget. It was driven home quite forcefully that certain individuals should stay in the closet only to come out if they were willing to act like "normal" people.

But, something has happened in recent years. Those people weren't just asking for tolerance any longer. They were in fact demanding acceptance and encouragement for the sort of dirty activity that had led many, many thousands to sad, lonely deaths. Where once, their behavior was kept out of polite society, now they have to push it in your face, marching with their bright colors in the middle of the streets, flaunting a lifestyle that many people still feel is perverted. They even have the nerve to say that they have no choice...that they are born that way.

It's gotten worse since last year. Maybe the presidential campaign had something to do with it. The behavior in the summer and fall was outrageous. Now, they want everyone to move to Massachusetts and celebrate a "victory." They are proudly showing off their rings -- as if they think what they have is close to the real thing.

How dare they mock everything that is good and decent? How dare they think that they can ever be equal?

There must be a constitutional amendment before marriage is permitted for these...these... IDIOTS!!

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