Saturday, April 16, 2005


There Ain't No Insanity Clause

My fellow New York blogger (well, she's not a fellow, but you get my meaning) Karol Sheinin was mildly annoyed at Josh Marshall's description of me as an "old-fashioned sane kind" of Republican. I sort of agree, but for different reasons: She didn't like the implications of the use of the word "sane." I, of course, -- thinking of myself as a perpetually, forever-hip, kind of guy -- objected to the word, "old-fashioned." (And yes, I did go to Josh's birthday party, but that's only because some of my best friends are white...Democrats.) Anyway, check out Karol. Among her many virtues (aside from her excellent taste in dinnner companions), she has an excellent geographically and thematically diverse blogroll.

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