Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Dick's Big Swinging Win

Well, Dick Cheney should be pleased. A federal Appeals court has ruled against a "strange bedfellows" Sierra Club-Judicial Watch suit filed to gain access to internal records of the Veep's energy task force.

I personally don't like the decision. I think more openness in government is better. I thought that when Hilary Clinton tried to keep her health care task force records secret and I think that now. The crucial difference, of course, is that Hillary's unique dual role as First Lady leading the task force made her run afoul of the law. The president's wife is not an official federal employee, thus making her an "outsider" running her own meeting.

A Republican in Washington with a good sense of history was ecstatic. He sees it as suggesting that the stars are being pushed back into their appropriate places in the firmament -- after being misaligned for decades (the following has only been slightly edited for spelling and the need to keep this site no more than PG-13):

Chalk one up for the restoration of executive privilege. Will Cheney's victory finally stop the erosion of executive privilege begun under Watergate and continued until the Clinton years? I see [this] as completing the Karmic circle. The Democratic Congress attacked and demagogued Republican Adminstrations and even their own Carter Administration from 1974 through 1992. (Bert Lance never knew what hit him.) And the Reagan years proved that if you file a thousand lawsuits and rake everyone you can find indescriminatly through the mud -- cue [exonerated Reagan Labor Secretary] Ray Donovan's "Where do I go to get my reputation back?" -- you can find a worthy scandal like Iran-Contra. Republicans, lacking any maturity, simply played "payback" from 1992 through 2001. The philosophy was blame the Clintons for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you can find and SOMETHING will stick -- like lying under oath.

NOW, the courts (and it would be nice if the press and the American people too) said ENOUGH of the school yard s**t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOVERN!!! LEGISLATE!!!! DO YOUR DAMN JOBS!!!!!!!!!!! F***ing over peoples lives for the pure sake of power is not a sport!!!!!!

This particular result was expected after the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 last year that there was "paramount necessity of protecting the executive branch from vexatious litigation."

Bill Clinton must have gotten a pretty good laugh on that one.

Paula who?

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