Wednesday, May 18, 2005


OK, So Irving Plaza Doesn't Really Suck

Acoustically, it's a nice place to see/hear a band.

GoF played well with a lot of energy. They went through most of Entertainment, their first, best and best-known album.

"To Hell With Poverty" closed out the first encore. They briefly left the stage before concluding with their other mini-anthem, "I Found That Essence Rare."

But that was it! Little more than an hour after they started, they were gone! And no "I Love A Man In Uniform?" How can any self-respecting Lefty not play that sardonic, danceable anti-military ditty?

Sure they don't have the body of work of a U2 to support a two-hour show, but at least they could give their fans as complete a show as possible.

But, hey, when have Marxists ever been able to live up to the claims & promises that the dogma asserted?

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