Monday, June 13, 2005


Beat It

Yes. He did. 10 Counts. 10 Not Guilty. Contrary to what Missing Persons sang more than twenty years ago, "EVERYBODY walks in L.A."

At least every celebrity.

UPDATE: These celebrity trials tend to bore me, so I was happy to keep this a Michael-free blog. My gut reaction was that he was most likely going to get off (no pun intended), if only because that's what usually happens in L.A.-area celebrity trials (see above). However, any substantive reason I had for that sentiment most likely came from reading Fox News' Roger Friedman. While it was quite clear that Roger seemed pro-Michael from the beginning, his many columns on the subject had a real strong control of the facts and perceptive insights on the various legal team strategies. His confidence that Michael would walk was grounded in a meticulous analysis of the major testimony and cross-examination. His last pre-verdict column is here. Check back there for what will later undoubtedly be the definitive wrap-up with various predictions about what comes next as Jackson tries to salvage an almost-completely wrecked professional and personal life.

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