Monday, June 27, 2005


Everyone Loves A Parade

Sunday, June 26, 2005: Gay Pride Parade:

Rev. Al Sharpton marched in New York's Gay Pride Parade for the first time on Sunday -- invited by Manhattan Borough President candidate Brian Ellner. It was, as one might expect a rather interesting and colorful affair. Silly me, I forgot to bring my regular camera. Thus, I was stuck with just a few Treo shots. The above, left, was taken shortly after Sharpton and Ellner (the tall, thin, Caucasian gentleman) merged with Democratic mayoral candidate C. Virginia Fields (black lady with the white hat). Supposed Democratic mayoral front-runner Fernando Ferrer (not shown) looked quite lonely trailing the Fields-Ellner-Sharpton entourage moments later.

These three were the very few protestors seen at the march. Was it only a few because the police told them they could only hold their signs but not shout any slogans? (They apparently had not permit.) They weren't pleased to hear this. No kidding. What happened to basic freedom of speech? It's not as if they would be able to hurt anyone. The well-appointed regal figure was riding directly in front of the Ellner-Sharpton contingent. I was hoping to get a shot where the queen and the reverend were right next to each other, but the one time they were chatting, I couldn't get the camera working in time! Don't you just hate that!?!

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