Friday, June 10, 2005


Here's To You, Mr. Robinson

Thank goodness black, Hispanic and Asian women never go missing! Do they just have a greater sense of direction? Eugene Robinson examines the odd media phenomenon of wayward white chicks.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has a great compendium of commentary on the Missing White Girl problem.

UPDATE II: Scott at Slantpoint responds to my post. He makes several good points. However, he may be too quick to reject Robinson's main point that producers jump on these missing white girls because they recognize that they could be ratings winners. Scott says, "Sorry Bub, but in order to subscribe to your conclusion you'd have to believe the public drives news. Now that's a timeless debate, but I can put good money down that in the fast-paced cable TV cycle, the public has little time to offer feedback before a story is already elevated to Helenic heights."

But, Scott, you don't need that sort of feedback to know that the story would be a winner. Why do L.A. stations focus on yet another freeway car chase? Why do anchors rush to cover hurricanes? From previous experience, the networks know what will be ratings catnip and what won't. Speeding white van? Missing white chick? Ka-ching!!

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