Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Killen Time

They say justice delayed is justice denied. Well, a certain type of justice seems to have finally come to Ray Killen

However, it is seriously open to question whether this was legal justice. The prosecutor didn't have much of a case, frankly. I don't doubt that Killen was involved in the murders of Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney. Could it have been proven back then absent the racial climate of the times? Probably. Could it truly be proven today? Most likely not. The closing arguments to the jury were filled with sentiments along the line of "Show the world that this isn't the same Mississippi."

In essence, the prosecutor basically asked the jury to ignore the case and the evidence and do what you think is right in your heart.

In short, do what juries in the South did back in the day -- except for the opposite reason.

Hmm...wonder what
Robert "Changing The Sheets" Byrd has to say about this?

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