Monday, June 27, 2005


One George S. in Baseball Is Enough...

Sayeth the GOP..., according to Hill publication Roll Call (via Drudge).

Technically, someone's political involvement shouldn't preclude them from owning a baseball team (Boss Steinbrenner is a big contributor to Republican campaigns -- and got in trouble for it during the '70s; Orioles owner Peter Angelos, a trial-lawyer is a big Democrat). However, given the precarious position baseball finds itself in with Congress over steroids and the unique antipathy Republicans have for George Soros (and vice versa), it would be foolish not to think that accepting his ownership could be truly problematic for the league.

Besides, on the merits, Sweeney is certainly right about stadium construction. One would think that after all these years, the boondoggle of public financing for stadiums would be common knowledge. Of course, DC is a special case and the city cut a deal with Major League Baseball and it must fulfill its bargain (the fact that the team is actually competitive makes that a whole lot easier to take).

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