Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Good For Wie, But Not For Thee?

What's OK for a 15-year old female golfer and 18 year-old male hockey player, but not OK for an 18 year-old male basketball player? Answer here. Hat tip to the always invaluable Eric McErlain. Oh, Eric, it's not just the double standard that is heinous: How about the ingratitude of the NBA that they pass this age-limit rule two years after LeBron James emerges to finally get the league out of its post-Jordan doldrums? Some earlier discussion on this topic.

Oh, congrats to Eric for once again being part of Forbes' annual
"Best of" blog round-up. Considering that he managed to be recognized during a year when the site's main focus -- hockey -- was, ahem, "on ice" is a testament to Eric's general good writing and flexibility.

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