Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Newbies, Lefties & Wannabes

My one-two punch of posts on John Roberts and John Bolton (I considered combining the two into one uber-post called, "Blogging on the John," but realized that would have been in poor taste) has driven quite a a number of new folks to these here parts. Welcome one and all!! You may not agree with everything you read here, but I hope you manage to drop by again in the future.

To save you the trouble of trying to figure out everything about me, here's one of my earliest posts -- my second one, I believe -- it's a quickie synopsis that expands a little on the "About Me" stuff to the left.

I encourage you to check the "Ragged 2.0/1.0" section in the archives to get a flavor of some of my other web-writing going back, in some cases nearly eight years.

A quick note on the blogroll: You might notice that isn't exactly ideologically consistent. That is intentional. I recognize that there are many voices that are influencing the current political debate, and so I wanted to include a representative sample (nowhere near as comprehensive as the esteemed John Cole, but I'm still trying). In addition to adding people who have been so kind as to place me in their blogroll, I've also included a few random sites that have given me some key fact or insight. In short, they have value. For the time being, I'm not going to segregate sites by political sensibility. However, in the near future, I will be adding a comic-book blogroll and that will most likely be put in a separate space -- possibly called "Fortress of Solitude." "The Batcave" or just..."undisclosed location."

Anyway, that's it! Thanks for dropping by and see you soon!

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