Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Post-War Fallout...

In the last year:

1. George W. Bush wins record re-election (in pure numbers of votes cast, if not by percentage).

2. Tony Blair & Labour win record re-election (with a Labour seat-loss that, in retrospect, may have been oversold by the media).

3. London is awarded 2012 Olympics (Blair charm-offensive? Who's a "poodle" now?)

4. Jacques Chirac loses EU vote from French public; confidence numbers plunge.

5. Paris loses "sure thing" Olympics to London.

6. Gerhard Schroeder receives vote of no confidence and has tough reelection ahead.

Who would have thought this in the run up to the Iraq War (particularly given Schroeder's 2002 upset win running against Bush & Iraq)? Who would have thought this last summer?

(Mega thanks to Mr. ERA for the idea).

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