Thursday, July 21, 2005


UK -- Two Weeks Later...

Three explosions on trains and one on a bus, in a "serious incident," with few injured it seems.

UPDATE: My very smart UK journalist friend sends a very sobering e-mail: "You have probably seen the four botched attacks in London. There are early indications of unexploded bombs, all co-ordinated for 12.50pm. Either the detonation failed, or they were badly-assembled bathtub bombs. No dead, one [injury]: there is, thank God, no body count this time.

"It looks unlikely to have been a bunch of copycat amateurs. It looks more like a way of saying 'even at maximum security, we can come hit you again. There are plenty bombs and suicidal manics where this came from.'

" If so, London could be facing a Jerusalem scenario: where attempted suicide attacks becomes a regular event. But unlike the Palestinians, al-Qaeda has no demands other than the restoration of the Caliphate. So all the conditions are in place for a sustained bombing campaign. 'Is that all you've got?' we asked a fortnight ago: we'd braced ourselves for expecting a 9/11. The scum gave their answer today: no, they have plenty more.

"NOTES....1) It seems the 7/7 explosions were from everyday acetone peroxide: it was hard, but not impossible, to put together such a bomb. Anyone with a bathtub and a deathwish could have planned those attacks. It can be repeated.
"2) Of Britain's 59m people, we have 1.6m Muslims who - thanks to our ill-advised multicultualist policy - been allowed to live in self-segregation. We have not integrated them: and now find we have no way of reaching them.
"3) Of these 1.6m Muslims, 720,000 are of Pakistani extraction. And Pakistan is emerging as the new Afghanistan: a hotbed of jihadism. Our young Muslims are being radicalised over there: the stronger the links with Islamabad, the greater the risk.
"4) Sir John Stevens, former head of London police, estimates that 3,000 'British-born or British-based' Muslims have been through al-Qaeda training camps. So yes, there are plenty more where that came from.

London -- the new central front in the war on terror? Be very afraid.

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