Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Deadline Dramas...

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is a little peeved about the delay in the ratification of the Iraqi constitution, calling it "not helpful."

Earlier, observers said that the whole deadline concept for an Iraqi constitution might be, shall we say --
"problematic" ?
Middle East specialist Shibley Telhami said he thought the United States was playing too big a role in helping draft the constitution and this posed a credibility problem for the current Iraqi leaders.

"The U.S. ambassador there is very visible in his meetings over the constitution. There is the impression that the United States is driving this, and that is not a good thing," said Telhami of the Brookings Institution.
"...that is not a good thing"? Who's he -- Martha Stewart?

But, hmmm...I seem to remember somebody raising this point a couple weeks ago. Now where was that? Who was it...? Ummm...on the tip of my tongue....

Oh right,
here it is:

It was a good idea for Americans to stick to the promised deadlines when it came to the January elections: There, American policy political aims and administration promises -- and and the symbolism of new Iraqi freedom -- needed to overlap. However, when it comes to a governing document, putting an artificial date is asking for trouble -- especially considering this is the process supposed to demonstrate to both Iraqis, the Middle East and the entire world that it is Iraqis and not Americans that are controlling the process. It would be especially terrible if women rights end up getting pushed to the side -- Kurds, one way or another, can take care of themeselves -- in the name of expediency.
Meanwhile, those who continue to prefer the bombs&bullets-over-ballots strategy continue their cruel handiwork.

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