Wednesday, August 31, 2005



My latest Post column concerns a uniquely New York office -- uniquely ridiculous anyway. The "public advocate" becomes acting mayor upon the death, resignation or incapacitation of the actual mayor. Absent those events, the person in the office is -- depending on your viewpoint -- either the city "ombudsman" or a do-nothing-seriously gadly.

The incumbent is one Betsy Gotbaum who, in a pair of recent
debates with the three men who want her job, showed herself to be either ignorant or willfully disingenous on a rather significant policy issue involving an area not too far from where your humble blogger resides in Brooklyn.

Anyway, you can read up on the latest sordid mess
right here. Judge for yourself whether it is more comedy or tragedy. Supreme Court-watchers, take note! Lotsa stuff on last term's most controversial case!

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