Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Pot, Meet Kettle...

The Pat Robertson fiasco wouldn't be complete without a contribution from the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who demanded that the FCC fine Robertson for the Chavez remarks said on the "700 Club."

Previously, Jackson added this little
gem to the the pile-on-Pat-parade:

“Calling for the assassination of world leaders is inciteful and wildly provocative. It is just the latest of Robertson’s outrageous and intemperate declarations."

Rev. Jackson has a point: How dare a camera-hogging clergyman/failed 1988 presidential candidate compose his own "inciteful and wildly provocative" foreign policy, spout a series of "outrageous and intemperate declarations" -- and embarrass the duly-elected administration?

Where in the world would he get such an idea?

Would sending both reverends to Cuba to hash out Carribbean basin policy be a violation of the embargo?

I mean -- assuming that they have to stay there?

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