Thursday, August 11, 2005


Savage Time

While not having a direct connection to my previous post, I should mention that Dan Savage is filling in for Andrew Sullivan this week. I do not necessarily endorse anything that Savage says, in terms of substance.

However, I will say that he is damn funny. The humor won't be to everyone's cup of tea, but it makes me laugh. I'm glad I read this AFTER the shuttle landed safely.

While Dan needs to work on his permalink skills, this conclusion to this post (scroll down to "The Perils of Heterosexuality") on Msgr. Eugene V. Clark's dalliances with a married woman crossed my mind as well: "If the past is any prologue, Msgr. Clark can expect to be transferred to another post any day now -- most likely to a Catholic girls -- school."

Savage demonstrates that he is more than just a potty-mouthed sex columnist. He needs to do some regular blogging himself.

Good stuff.

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