Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Brownie -- You're Out Of A Heckuva Job

Na na na, na na na, hey, hey goodbye...

Forgive me for blowing off a little, ahem...
steam. But, as predicted in the update here, once Brownie started tossing around some blame, his fate was fully sealed.

Andrew is a little
upset that Bush still wasn't quite able to "fire" Brown and only permitted him to resign.

Look, how many government officials are ever actually fired? You kind of know what a "resignation" really is -- when your replacement is
named practically before the elevator carrying the departed hits ground level. Shockingly, it's someone who seems qualified for the job!

On the upside, it looks like Brown has settled into his new job out West, where he will, um,

"Brown-out" to blackout? Some guys just can't win!

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