Monday, September 19, 2005


Bush Agenda? "Sunk"

Private talks with GOP members of Congress confirm the gist of this American Spectator piece.

Only disagreement that I would have is in the phrase: "the political and policy debacle that the White House created with its Clintonian response to Hurricane Katrina."

Sorry, but a Clintonian response would arguably have actually avoided this debacle. First, Clinton would have done a public national address much faster (as too, so previously noted, would Reagan). The quicker response would have a) prevented the racial inferences from rising to the surface and, b) obviated the need to "overcompen$$sate" two weeks later. Secondly, the Republican Congress would not have felt obligated to give the White House a blank check without any oversight.

The debacle created by this White House is first and foremost a communications one. The fear of being perceived as acting like Clinton has, in fact, allowed the administration to ignore its key resources until it's too late.

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