Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Join The Club, Brendan!

Throwing one's hands up in the air out of frustration with the Republican Party -- it's no longer just a black thing!

In ripping through the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Katrina has peeled back the lid on Republican rule and many Americans aren't happy with what they see....

[W]hat we're seeing is that Katrina is swamping every goal conservatives have, from limiting government to cutting taxes to reforming entitlement programs. Katrina spending has already imperiled plans to repeal the death tax, and Congress is already $60 billion into a spending binge. Handing out $2,000 debit cards was just the beginning. The conservative Congress has brought back the welfare state.
Brought back? You mean it once left? It had been eliminated? Must have missed that announcement.
Well, a few of us kind of thought we saw this coming some time ago.

Regardless, I must differ with Brendan in his belief that this situation helps Condoleezza Rice. The obstacles Ms. Rice faces are many, as we've discussed before. In addition though, if anything, the Katrina situation juggles the mix of skills that the electorate will be looking for next time around. It won't be just a "war president" (a situation that could work to Rice's favor). They will look for someone who can keep them safe, yes, but also someone who will be able to read, react and administrate without blinking in any crisis -- foreign or domestic. That does play into Rudy Giuliani's playing field, but again, Giuliani has to navigate the same other "domestic" minefield that endangers Rice.

Others? George Allen of Virginia, perhaps? It's tough for a sitting senator, but he has been a governor before. As has Sen. Evan Bayh (Ind.) -- and is Mark Warner (Va.) -- on the Democratic side. Certainly more variety of skills than possessed by a certain senator from New York -- but she may be able to compensate by having the best campaign manager in the business.

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