Saturday, September 03, 2005


Randall Robinson: STFU

So, is your hatred of this Republican administration such that you will repeat the most vile things -- without any corroborating evidence? You, who talk about the need for reparations and the "debt" that America owes blacks join the media which you hate so much to dump on black people?

Yes, that's right. After all, what could possibly be worse than the media's trying to portray blacks as looters? Well, how about as

I don't believe it. And if it were true, I would go out of my way to ignore that "truth."

Why? Well, it would be out of respect -- for the dead, whose families shouldn't have to think about what might be happening to their loved one's bodies and, God help them, for the survivors who might have have fallen into the abyss of despair that they might consider the most horrific of human practices.

But Robinson can't temper his hatred of this administration to think about what his from-a-distance comments have done to the image of the black people he professes to love.

Thank you, so f---ing much.

said that "George Bush doesn't like black people." Maybe he's right. Funny though, I don't hear George W. Bush talking about blacks as cannibals. (Please, feel free to check elsewhere around here if you think I'm some administration toady.)

No, this is what hate does -- go from hating Republicans, to hating America, to ultimately showing that you hate your own kind by slandering them.

You say: "I am a sixty-four year old African-American. New Orleans marks the end of the America I strove for."


By your own admission, you
"quit" this country years ago. You gave up.
Why don't you just stay the f--k out of the affairs of those of us who believe that there is so much of us in America -- individually and culturally -- that we choose to live here, strive here and thrive here.

Your chapter is done. Please, leave the rest of us our pride and some semblance of peace.

UPDATE: Robinson has "retracted" his comments about hurricane victims eating corpses, because the "claims" have turned out to be "unsubstantiated." However, Robinson declares that he stands behind everything else I wrote without reservation." In that same spirit, I stand behind EVERYTHING I wrote above without reservation. That Robinson doesn't even have the decency to yank -- and apologize for -- a post that begins with as much of a libel on black people as on America says volumes about the total loss of his moral core.

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