Monday, October 17, 2005


Back to J-School: Judy, John, July

Kevin Drum tries to connect the dots as to why Joseph Wilson's wife was outed as "Valerie Plame" -- her maiden name, which she apparently used on "Company" business, but not socially or officially. He reasons that it connects back to John Bolton. Several months back, Steve Clemons first noted that Bolton was a regular source for Miller on WMD issues. He also visited Miller in jail, possibly twice.

In any event, while we're reading Kevin's piece, let's not forget the
timeline: What was John Bolton doing on July 18th, the day UK scientist David Kelly's body was found (he killed himself shortly after responding to Judy Miller's e-mail): Being interviewed by the State Department inspector general on the issue of uranium in Niger. This was an inquiry that Bolton "did not recall" and failed to mention on the form he had to fill out prior to his U.N. confirmation hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

So, to recap: Judy Miller
"forgets" an earlier meeting with Scooter Libby until she finds a "missing" notebook; Karl Rove "forgets" that he had talked to Matt Cooper about Joseph Wilson's wife until he retrieves a "missing" e-mail; John Bolton "forgot" that he had testified in the State Department's internal WMD inquiry. For the record, Miller and Rove's initial penalty for their problematic memories has been more time with the grand jury. Bolton only had to "amend" the "inacurate" statement to the Foreign Relations Committee.

Meanwhile, Miller also
"forgot" who gave her the name "Valerie Plame" (or "Flame" as she actually jotted it down).

Round and round it goes, where it stops no one knows!

(Oh, for a further exegesis on the implicatons of the summer '03 goings-on in the US and UK, check here and here. Conservative readers might want to nose around those respective sites in a delicate manner.)

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