Thursday, October 27, 2005



Harriet, we hardly knew ye.

Well, actually, we knew too much -- and it wasn't good. The request for internal documents (Bush's "red line") was the backbreaker -- or the most convenient fig-leaf.

Well, Ms. Miers did the right thing and saved her president much more grief in what was already shaping up to be a bad week.

Time to move on.

CNN's Candy Crowley speculates (9:45 a.m.) that Miers' withdrawal now -- given possible indictments tomorrow -- allows the White House to "pivot" and announce a new Court pick early next week.

We shall see.

Last question: When did Charles Krauthammer become the smartest man in Washington?

Last Friday, he wrote:

We need an exit strategy from this debacle. I have it.
Sen. Lindsey Graham has been a staunch and public supporter of this nominee. Yet on Wednesday he joined Brownback in demanding privileged documents from Miers's White House tenure.
Finally, a way out: irreconcilable differences over documents.

Good call, Charles!

UPDATE: Considering how much the White House pushed Miers as a trailblazer, would it be a cheap shot to note that she has accomplished yet another "first" -- the first female Supreme Court nominee to withdraw? Well, as they say, one could say that -- but it would be wrong.

UPDATE II: My colleague Ryan Sager has breaking news on a shocking, but not surprising, consequence of the Miers withdrawal.

UPDATE III: The lady herself thanks her supporters and has a follow-up question.

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