Monday, October 10, 2005


Count Me In...

...with John Cole on the supposed grassroots GOP support for Harriet Miers.

When the alleged "Republican base" actually happens to be a cadre of state party chairs -- who are the last people likely to cross a president of their own party -- how are you supposed to take unskeptically anything they say?

For that matter,
The Washington Times should have had least one caveat in there noting the automatic deference that a state party chair would exhibit for their own president's choice -- given the power that the White House has in directing funds and other perks to the state.

Washington state Party Chairman Chris Vance

said the critical e-mails "were basically parroting what they heard on talk radio from conservative opinion leaders. So it's been comparatively mild. The attitude of the overwhelming majority of Republicans out here is that we trust the president and let's see how the hearings go."
Ah, state chairmen are dismissing the relevance of e-mails because they "parrot" conservative talk radio. How can anyone working in GOP politics for any amount of time actually say something like that without even a hint of irony?

UPDATE: As one reader puts it: "How appropriate that cronyism -- the loyalty many party chairs have to either Bush, Rove or Mehlman -- would manifest itself as champions of the "Republican base" that supposedly supports the president's Supreme Court pick!"

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