Thursday, October 27, 2005


Gilliard's Kaine Mutiny

Apparently, Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine has pulled his ads from Steve Gilliard's site, in response to the "Sambo" stuff. Steve is understandably upset and has a few choice words for yours truly.

Okay, here we go.

Steve, grow up. I have a "yellow streak down [my] back a mile wide" because I called you out on your minstrel show? Take my word for it, Andrew Sullivan, or whoever, isn't my "patron." You've done the minstrel paint gimmick before? Fine. I hadn't noticed. Your site is not "must-see" viewing for me. I've engaged you and your site exactly twice: Once, in addressing your response to my "Why Am I Still A Republican" post and now -- when someone (a black Maryland resident) brought the "Sambo" stuff to my attention. I'm sorry about the Kaine ads, but that's life. There are always some risks when we put our opinions out in the public forum.

I can't stand on my own two feet? Right. I've publicly criticized the former GOP Senate majority leader (over a racial issue) and the president of the United States (of my own party) -- right before the election (I've given the links before; you can find them yourself). Let me know when you decide to actually demonstrate some "bravery" that goes beyond racist symbolism that would have you marching in the streets if a white Republican pulled it. You're passionate, prolific and have a way with words. Good, that's a gift. But, for the life of me, I can't understand why you choose to waste it by unloading juvenile racist schtick on black Republicans. You don't like Michael Steele's politics? Fine. Go after him and every other Republican or politician whose policies and ideas you don't like. But, try engaging them as individuals and people rather than passing off racist trope as intellectual "argument."

UPDATE: Kos is upset with Tim Kaine for yanking Steve's ads, but the Kossacks take more nuanced views, discussing blog freedom-of-speech vs. campaign pragmatism.

Dave Wissing commends Kaine for doing the right thing.

Spencer on the Left Coast brings a unique perspective.

John Cole keeps everybody apprised of the various blog battles.

It's all rather interesting: Two guys in New York, fighting over a Maryland Senate candidate, create a reaction from a Virginia gubernatorial campaign! As Mickey Kaus might say.. "Advantage: Blogosphere!"

UPDATE II: The MSM takes notice!

UPDATE III: Tacitus reposts his interview with Michael Steele from last year's convention (hat tip to Josh).

UPDATE IV: The latest, as the story is picked up by Baltimore and Washington papers, can now be found here.

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