Saturday, October 01, 2005


Weekend Comic Book Blogging

I'm in Annapolis this weekend attending my College reunion. Can't believe it's been, uh, XX years!! Where did all the time go? Anyway, blogging will be light, if not non-existent (though I am working on mega-post for Monday).

To tide you over (and to at least pay lip service to the end-of-week comic book entries that I thought would become a staple of this site), I decided to share a rather peculiar site. Since, RAGGEDTHOTS strives to be family-oriented, I can't exactly give the name of this site I'm otherwise recommending. Let's just say that a certain
Man of Steel isn't the good guy everyone has presumed him to be all these years!!

This is a nicely put-together site, with lots of funny captions for the various comic book covers.


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