Wednesday, November 30, 2005


DC "Ch-ch-changes": How much more?

Oookay, between the flu and certain Blogger problems, posting has been light around here in the last few days. With any luck, things should get back to normal shortly. In the interim, I'm posting an e-mail from a DC GOP pal that assess the interesting structural changes that have occurred in the Age of Dubya:
First, the Enron/Worldcom/Adelphi Scandals bring about Campaign Finance Reform that changes the "business rules" of political marketing in regards to campaigns.

Second, the Plame Scandal bring about further changes in the "business rules" of political marketing in regards to media spin and distribution of product. (The media is undergoing a through self-examination and possible reformation -- or legislation -- over the needs of a journalist, a source, a story and a shareholder.)

Third, the Abramoff Scandal is going to complete the trifecta. Can you imagine the "business rules" of political marketing in regards to lobbying and the legislative process not changing? If the Democrats were smart they'd market a reform campaign along the lines of the "corporate accountability" laws that Enron triggered.

That's a near complete overhaul of the "business" that runs Washington -- the business of politics. IF and this is a BIG if, Rumsfeld is successful in reforming the Pentagon's procurement process and the REAL Intelligence industry was reformed THAT would make it royal flush -- and quite revolutionary. All of it on GWB's watch and "legacy."

I would add to my friend's astute observations that the three examples he sites all spin out of Watergate-era reforms/structures. It's hardly a coincidence that Bob Woodward appears as the perfect "bookend" of the role of Super-journalist -- or that whatever likely reforms are on the horizon will target Reporting Monsters like he and Judith Miller. Bloggers will be the leading crusaders for these reforms.

Oh, and on the last point: The defense procurement process might also be ripe for a true overhaul? Hmmm....

Well, right on cue: Take it away, Josh Marshall!

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