Tuesday, November 15, 2005


THOTS Spawns A Trend?

Shocking news! An "Aquaman" TV series is in the development stage:

The Hollywood trade papers boosted the buzz Monday with confirmation that an Aquaman pilot will be shot next year in Florida, where the potential series would be set.

Smallville's Alfred Gough and Miles Millar will executive produce. Like their current WB series, the duo's Aquaman pilot will not be rife with capes, tights and codpiece accoutrements. Rather, the show will be a "grounded version of the Aquaman mythology," Gough told Daily Variety.
Now, this news is, of course, not a shock to regular Ragged Thots visitors. Just last month, we noted, "For whatever reason, all the stars have lined up -- this is Aquaman's moment. And that's no fish story."

I gotta get a foothold into this Hollywood thing...

Meanwhile, a Thots reader, observes that this means that the only original member of the Justice League of America now being completely overlooked is the Martian Manhunter (AKA J'onn J'onnzz, AKA "John Jones") and asks: "So is this a race thing or an immigrant thing?"

Good question.

In years past, MM might have been able to claim discrimination. Alas, once again, those damn Republicans can't help a Martian brother out!

UPDATE: My New York Post colleague, Don Kaplan, actually had this story a week ago! Damn trades never give anyone any credit!!!!

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