Friday, December 16, 2005


The Latest Trump Card...

Congrats to Randal Pinkett, the newest winner on The Apprentice.

After previous close calls like
Kwame Jackson, Randal became the first black winner -- for whatever that is worth. On the whole, however, even though ratings may have been down, I thought this was the strongest "Apprentice" since the first season.

I also thought it was gutsy of Randal not to accept Trump's odd offer/request at the end to select Rebecca as a "co-winner." Come on, Donald! You're the guy who's always talking about being THE BEST and there can only be one clearcut winner in business!

Trump was the one
complaining that Martha Stewart's edition contributed to his main brand's lower ratings.

So, how could he feel that Randal would want a watered down sense of victory by "sharing" it with Rebecca?

Randal -- who won three tasks during the season and gained near-universal praise from his fellow players -- had a nice easy-going disposition. But his turning down of Trump's offer -- which would have made him look like "Mr. Nice Guy" -- shows that he also has the steel will and appropriate sense of competitive pride that a Donald Trump should value.

UPDATE: Thanks, Ken, you said it even better than I.

UPDATE II: Entrenched debate on the finale -- including whether it was 'racist' to ask Randal to share the victory. Well, it is understandable why someone might think that: Trump was essentially changing the rules when presented with a black "winner." On the other hand, this season, Trump changed things around a bit: Two weeks, there were were two "fireers" and then there was the first time ever mass firing -- the dismissal of four contenders in one swoop. So, it is fair to say that Trump has been keeping people guessing. However, I remain continue to maintain that asking Randal (or anyone) to "share" the victory is a difference, not in degree, but in kind. For Trump to do so was as out of character for him as Randal's demurral was (allegedly) for him. In turning Trump down, Randal ironically maintained the integrity of the show -- even though some viewers feel (wrongly) that it was at the cost of his own.

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