Friday, December 09, 2005


Montreal Hot Air...

E-mail of the day (why I love my readers):

Why is it that the media get all over the Bush Administration for "cherry picking" intelligence over the War in Iraq, yet they perfectly accept "cherry picked" science reports over global warming? Why? Because the politicians/special interest/academics over the globe can raise money around "green house gases" (anything anti-multi national corporations is sexy) and not the around the Earth nature magnetic field (basic science is not sexy).

Even today, with the full hubbub around the
Montreal U.N. Summit -- even Bill Clinton makes an appearance -- the scientific community once again -- as it has for 150 years-- issued another confirmation that the Earth magnetic field is proceeding toward "geomagnetic reversal."

We have known for 150 years that the
magnetic poles are drifting towards the Equator. There is geological data going back centuries proving this. Scientist also know that the weakened magnetic field, which protects the Earth, allows increasing amounts of solar radiation through to the Earth's stratosphere which is burning the Earth's ozone layer. Gee, there a frickin hole over Anarctica where the Earth's magnetic field has moved from -- hello!! Less ozone -- more global warming.

This is not to say that gas emissions and urban growth from human civilization has NOTHING to do with global warming, but, damn, when are the politicians going to acknowledge that EVEN IF we ended the Industrial Carbon Age today -- the Earth will continue to get warmer and warmer? But, lets face it -- where is the fundraising pitch in that, huh? The Earth's problems are literally at it's Core -- from the increasing earthquakes, to increasing hurricanes, to increasing sea levels to increasing temperature -- it all starts with the Earth's fluctuating geodynamics. Ignorance is not bliss -- whether practiced from the Right or the Left.

Now, there's some a few good grist for the mill. Discuss amongst yourselves, boys and girls.

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