Saturday, January 28, 2006


Ham-as You Are

Well, the Bush administration has said that democracy is a universal value that everyone shares. Hamas and the Palestinians apparently accepted that at face value.

But, what is the message sent that Palestinians are to learn that "democracy" comes with a price?

Elect whomever you want -- except those people -- the extremists. But, this result was entirely predictable. Even in Iraq, the "terrorists" didn't win seats in the new government -- but the purer, pro-Islamic parties certainly did. George W. Bush felt that the Palestinians could embrace democracy and reform -- without terror. The sad thing about the Palestinians -- after all the years of Arafat-led corruption -- is that Hamas is both the pro-"reform" and pro-terror. And now the West has a big problem. And threatening to withhold aid may backfire.

A classic
Nirvana song seems to capture the conundrum (especially with respect to Hamas):

Come, as you are. As you were.
As I want you to be. As a friend.
As a friend. As an old enemy. Take your time.
Hurry up. The choice is yours.
Don't be late.
Take a rest. As a friend.

As a old memory, memory, memory, memory.

And I swear that I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun. No I don't have a gun.

Memory, memory, memory, memory (don't
have a gun).

Israel, the EU and the US demand that Hamas lays down its weapons (oh, and do that little thing like not vowing to destroy Israel) in order for the Palestinian authority to be eligible for foreign aid.

Of course, from the perspective of the Palestinians, the threat of aid cut-off is a "gun" being held to their heads.

Maybe Arafat knew what he was doing all these years trying to prevent elections...

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