Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Jack Out Of The Box

Well, Kevin Drum thinks 24 officially "jumped the shark" last night.

Sorry, I must disagree, but maybe it's because I've become addicted to the show. Taking advantage of a couple days off from work, I did a Sunday night/Monday morning new-season marathon session, going through five "hours" almost consecutively.

That was not without risk, of course. Alas, I found out a few days after the four-hour, two-night premiere two weekends back that former President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) had been assassinated.

Still, the overall relentless pace of those four hours plus last week's episode was still better than a heroin rush (of which, in truth, I have no reference, but the poetic license is allowed given the subject matter).

Anyway, the mini-marathon had me set up perfectly for last night's episode. What is rather interesting about this episode is that what one expects to be lengthy drawn-out plot threads are resolved rather quickly.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After watching the previous episodes, I was surprised (even given last week's "preview") that the White House chief-of-staff would be corralled so quickly. The multiple double-crossings actually were well-handled -- and about what one would expect in "real" life.

As for the plot's depiction of the president's main adviser being "fooled" by the terrorists and surprised that the intelligence from his "man-on-the-inside" was wrong -- well, that has got to be the most preposterous idea I have ever heard!

Where do they get this stuff?

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