Tuesday, January 31, 2006


SOTU: domestic

Spending -- woah! Return of the line-item veto. Talk about a blast from the past!

Entitlements -- "Baby boomers start turning 60, including two of my dad's favorite people -- me and President Clinton."

Great line.

Followed by a call for another Commission! Aaargh!

Immigration -- "orderly & serene borders"; "guest-worker program that rejects amnesty." (Yeah, right.)

"America is addicted to oil." Geez, not the best person to say that. What's next? BIll Clinton running Sex Addicts Anonymous? And Dick Cheney heading up an energy task force?

SCOTUS: More cheers for Roberts & Alito. Nice recognition of "retirement of special American. We are thankful for the service of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor."

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