Monday, January 16, 2006


Steeling For Victory...

I'm not a Pittsburgh fan, but I think John Cole has a point:
[T]his is really out of character for me, because I generally think people bitching about the refs throwing games are paranoid shut-ins, but after the display I saw yesterday (the safety that was called back, the no-off-sides call, the no-call on the Pass Interference, the overturned interception, the five minutes Manning and company had to waive the punt team off and run another play without a timeout or a delay of game, etc.), and I am hard-pressed to disagree with Joey Porter":
"The world wanted Indy to win so bad, they were going to do whatever they had to do, man," Porter claimed. "It was like the 9-1-1 year, when they wanted the [New England] Patriots to win it for the world ... At a point, I didn't think the refs were going to let us get out of here with a victory."
Except for the non-call on the safety (it was clear that Manning's forward progress was stopped on the one-yard line), the refs got just about every possible call (or non-call) wrong. The pass interference on the New England Patriots the day before was equally embarrassing (though it would fit into the broader conspiracy that the league wanted the Colts to go to the Super Bowl and the Patriots out).

It's amazing that the NFL demands everything perfectly follow-the-rules (up to and including telling their coaches that they can't wear suits on the sidelines, because it
counters their Reebok contract), yet allows their product to be perpetually embarrassed by poor officiating.

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