Thursday, February 09, 2006


Bond Is Wha?

Last week's post about NAACP Chairman Julian Bond's comments at a Fayettville, NC, black college needs some clarification. Some debate has arisen as to the accuracy of the original World Net Daily report and the comprehensiveness of the local Fayettville Observer's coverage.

Brendan Loy sorts it all out.

Readers (including regular, An Interested Party)who left comments in my original post have a point that I should be a bit more skeptical before linkng to World Net Daily.

Still, Bond has
previously referred to Republicans as coming from the "Taliban wing of American politics" and charged that a "right wing operating out of the Justice Department" (which was being run by "J. Edgar Ashcroft".

So, the "Nazi" language was hardly that much of a stretch. But Loy is right: "Fake but accurate" is not a philosophy we endorse around here. So, I apologize for passing partly erroneous information along -- and linking to a WND article. I can't guarantee the former won't occur again, but the latter certainly won't.

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