Monday, February 06, 2006


A Fiver For The Men of Steel

Pittsburgh finally gets that one for the "thumb" Super Bowl. The game rarely lives up to the hype -- often because it turns out to be a blowout.

That wasn't the case Sunday: The Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks had a pretty close game. Alas, it was a generally dull close game. Except for Willie Parker's 75-yard run (which, for that matter, was a straightforward gallop up the middle) and Hines Ward's two catches (including the clinching TD from fellow WR Antwaan Randle-El, there wasn't a whole lot of excitement on the field (or during the commercial breaks which had a surprisingly bland bunch of ads this year).

However, that situation was somewhat compensated by the off-field drama. Between Coach Bill Cowher getting his elusive first Super Bowl win and star running back Jerome "The Bus" Bettis being able to retire "on top" in front of his home-town Detroit crowd, the game had an emotionally satisfying conclusion. The fact that these are two fairly "good" pro football tough guys was even better.

Still, "emotionally satisfying conclusions" work well in "scripted" drama, but perhaps not in live sports which are supposed to be the original "reality" show.

Be that as it may, congrats to the Steelers and all their fans -- including
John Cole and my buddy, Eric A.

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