Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Farewell to A Master...

It seems like we seem to be saying goodbye a lot in recent days. Both Kirby Puckett and Dana Reeve were relatively young when they died within hours of each other on Monday.

Perhaps less unexpected, but still profoundly sad was the departure Tuesday of someone who truly deserves to have the word "iconic" attached to himself and his work.

R.I.P. Gordon Parks:

He was the first black person to work at Life magazine and Vogue, and the first to write, direct and score a Hollywood film, "The Learning Tree" (1969), which was based on a 1963 novel he wrote about his life as a farm boy in Kansas. He also was the director of the 1971 hit movie "Shaft," which opened the way for a host of other black-oriented films.
Interesting that he died a day after there was a fair bit of debate about the Oscars, race, movies and songs from movies. Shaft was a pretty significant film at the time -- and, somehow, I think Isaac Hayes' theme will stick around in people's memory a little bit longer than that Hustle & Flow joint.

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