Monday, April 17, 2006


The Former Boss Speaks!

The ex-Speaker sends out the alarm that the majority he created a dozen years ago could be in danger.

And this Washington Post article sets up the always-awkward
president vs. party midterm dynamic.

This must be gutwrenching for Newt because there is no stronger partisan than he. However, he knows that helped bring about the first GOP majority in forty years with a hard message of reform/anti-corruption. Now, sadly, it is his party that is -- rightly -- vulnerable to that attack.

So far, the Democrats don't have quite the "positive" piece of the campaign agenda (a la the Republicans' '94 Contract With America).

But, hey, they've still got a whole summer to develop that and, unfortunately, neither the administration nor the Congress seem prepared to come up with their own philosophical or strategic game plan to change the current political dynamic.

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